Sealife Chat Applet by FiXato Discontinued

SeaLife Chat Logo As of the 21st of August 2012 FiXato no longer hosts the #Sealife Chat Applet.


Because of several reasons. I'll explain some of them below:

No Longer related To SeaLife Dreams Forum

It's been several years now since the #sealife chat broke off the SeaLife Dreams Forum. At first I'd created this page to make it easier for IRC-illiterate people to join our cosy chatroom, but without that purpose and no other external community using our chatroom, there no longer is a need for the hosted Applet.

The applet is outdated

Back in the days it was easiest to run a Java Applet called "PJIRC". For years this project has been rather dead with a lack of updates, and applications that aren't updated are a possible security risk. Not to mention that Java no longer is installed by default on most Operating Systems, as well as browsers putting annoying usage restrictions on them.

No longer interested in maintaining this page

Sure, I could replace this page with an AJAX or Flash-based IRC webclient, but that requires an effort I am not willing to make. Maintaining a page like this costs time and motivation, both of which I lack.

Lack of Usage

Just 1 or 2 people actually still occasionally use the page, and when they do it is just for a couple of seconds/minutes without actual conversations. This is far too little to warrant keeping it online.

What now?

I suggest you use a Third-Party service such as Mibbit, LightIRC or set up/host your own AJAX-based or Flash-based IRC webclient provided by Chat4All.
Or grab one of the many available IRC Clients as listed on Chat4All's Wiki.

Server Info:

The server details you need are as follows:

If you have an IRC client installed, you can also just try clicking on the #Sealife IRC chatroom on Chat4all link.

Old #SeaLife Stuff:

Introduction to #SeaLife

#SeaLife is a room where people interested in dreaming are able to talk live to each other. We cultivate a moderate SeaLife atmosphere and don’t wish the room to become just another chatroom clone.
The chat became fully independent from the SeaLife Dreams Forum halfway 2007. Though we welcome new members from all kinds of communities, including the current SeaLife Dreams forums, please do note that we do not have a real bond with them anymore.

Rules & Guidelines:

We like to keep #SeaLife a pleasant place to stay for everyone, so over a long period of time we have set some guidelines and rules to keep things in control.
Breaking these rules can result in getting you kicked or banned from the channel. These rules include, but are not limited to:

  1. » No (excessive) swearing or other foul language.
    (partial obfuscating it by replacing part with stars is still considered swearing; use #$@$#%$@$ instead if needed.)
  2. » Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and religion, thus respect everyone and everyone‘s opinion, religion and way of life. Try not to start or get into heated political or religious discussions, since there are only losers in those discussions.
  3. » #SeaLife is a secret room (as in, it is not listed in the public channellist) and we like to keep it that way. Thus please do not mention #sealife in other rooms so we don‘t get outsiders, who have absolutely nothing to do with sealife, in here that spoil the atmosphere.
  4. » #SeaLife is an English-speaking room. Thus only speak English in the channel. Chat-speak (a.k.a. 1337-sp34k) is not considered English! Occasional greetings in foreign languages are condoned.
  5. » We think that you don‘t need to know the age, gender and location of someone to have a pleasant conversation, therefore we do not appreciate the so-called "ASL"-questions. If someone wants you to know his/her age, gender or location, then that person will tell you him/herself in time.
  6. » We have our own bot, SeaLife, in the room that can handle all needed commands. Therefore don‘t bring in your own bot or auto-response script. The scripts that are active now are plenty. If you do think you have some useful feature, then contact an operator about it first.
  7. » The above also applies to auto-greeters, 8-ball and other (annoying) scripts.
  8. » Excessive nickname-changes can fill up a room easy and thus disrupt a conversation. Therefore please stick to your nickname and don‘t change it too frequently, especially in a short span of time.
  9. » In regards of nicknames, keep in mind that people use nicknames for a reason. So don‘t use people‘s real names if they haven‘t made clear that they are okay with that.
  10. » Please respect someone‘s wishes if he/she doesn‘t want to private message (regardless of the reason); If in doubt, try asking in advance in the channel if it is okay for you to talk in private with him/her.
  11. » No (repeated) discussing of the rules nor bans. These rules (and possible bans) are there for a reason. Every room has its own rules; if you don‘t agree with these rules, visit another room.
  12. » No ban-evasion. If you evade a ban by entering the room from another location, both IPs can instantly get AKICKed and reported to server administration since ban-evasion is a server-wide offense.
  13. » Finally, please respect everyone, and follow the instructions of the operators (who are listed below). They can enforce these rules at their own discretion.

Operators of #SeaLife:

The regular operators of #SeaLife are:

Former operators of #SeaLife were:

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